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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A            Assembly
AR         Amplifier
AT         Attenuator; Isolator
B            Blower
BR         Bridge Rectifier
BT         Battery
C            Capacitor
CB         Circuit Breaker
CN         Capacitor Network
CP         Coupler
CR         Diode or Silicon Rectifier
D            Diode; Thyristor; Varacter
DC         Directional Coupler
DP         Duplexer
DL         Delay Line
DS         Digital Display; LED Lamp
E            Miscellaneous Electrical Part
F            Fuse
FB          Ferrite
FD         Fiducial
FL          Filter
G           Generator
HW        Hardware
HY         Circulator
I or ICT In Circuit Test Point
J            Jack Connector
JP          Configuration Jumper

K           Relay
L            Coil; Inductor
LS          Loud Speaker/Buzzer
M           Motor
MG        Motor-Generator
MH        Mounting Hole
MK        Microphone
MP         Mechanical Part
P            Plug Type Connector
PS          Power Supply
Q           Transistor
R            Resistor
RN         Resistor Network
RT         Thermistor
S            Switch
T            Transformer
TB         Terminal Block
TC         Thermocouple
TP          Test Point
U            Tuner
U            Integrated Circuit
V            Electron Tube
VR         Voltage Regulator
W           Cable Transmission
X            Sub-circuit
Y            Crystal or Oscillator
Z            Ref Des Suppressed

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