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Friday, June 22, 2012

PADS Software Netlist Defaults

NOTE: To prevent a designer from editing engineering netlists, please obey the following rules:

1.         Reference Designator Names have a 15 character limit.

2.         Pin Names have a 7 character limit.

3.         Netnames have a 57 character limit.

4.         Illegal characters are *  <  >  ?  :  .  ,  
            Lower case characters are not allowed.  
            Avoid \ / because Unix systems do not accept these characters.

5.         Please use the abbreviation rather than the full name i.e.: use K, not CATHODE
            Use A, not ANODE.  

            All new library decals with special alpha pin numbers (IE: NO & NC for switches) must be clearly noted on the data sheet that will be used to create the library decal.
2 & 3 pin devices with alphabetical Pin Names are as follows:

            DIODES                              CATHODE = C
                                                         ANODE = A

            TRANSISTORS                  BASE = B
                                                         EMITTER = E
                                                         COLLECTOR = C

            POWER FETS                     SOURCE = S
                                                         GATE = G
                                                         DRAIN = D

            POTENTIOMETERS          CW = 1
                                                         WIPER = 2
                                                         CCW = 3

            CAPACITORS  &               POSITIVE = 1
            BATTERIES                       NEGATIVE = 2

6.         PADS format netlist is preferred.

7.         Netlist header should be:        !PADS-POWERPCB- V4.0-MILS!

8.         Netlist footer should be:         *END*

9.         SAMPLE NETLIST:              !PADS-POWERPCB- V4.0-MILS!
                                                            *SIG N00001
                                                            U1.1   C1.1   R1.1
                                                            *SIG N00002
                                                            U1.2    R1.2
                                                            *SIG GND
                                                            U1.7   C1.2   U2.7   C2.2
                                                            *SIG VCC
                                                            U1.14   U2.14   C2.1

10.       File name suffix must be .ASC if you are using PowerPCB.


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