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Sunday, June 24, 2012

PADS Software Reference Designator Rename List

1.       Engineer should specify at the beginning of the design, if the reference designators are to be renamed.

2.      Engineer should specify the direction of the rename.

         Examples:  Top to Bottom, Right to Left
                             Left to Right, Top to Bottom

3.      Engineer should specify any Reference Designators that are not to be renamed.

4.      If the engineer is extremely concerned about the flow of the renaming process, 
         a WAS/IS List should be manually generated by the creation of an ASCII text file.


                                                U12 U1
                                                U5 U2
                                                U1 U3
                                                C9 C1
                                                C6 C2

                   *PADS-ECO*  should be located in the 1st line of the ASCII text file.

                   *RENPART*  should be located on the 2nd line.

*END*  should be at the end of the file.

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