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Saturday, June 30, 2012

PADS Layering Scheme

LAYER               USAGE

1-18                      Trace & Plane Layers (Copper Layers)

19                         Targets, Gerber Data Title block, .004” Board Outline

20                         Component Placement Courtyards (outline)

21                         Solder Mask Top

22                         Paste Mask Bottom

23                         Paste Mask Top

24                         Drill Drawing

25                         Plane Layer Clearances, Thermal Relief’s, .100” Board
                             Outline, Common Split Planes & Common Plane Voids

26                         Silkscreen Top

27                         Assembly Drawing Top

28                         Solder Mask Bottom

29                         Silkscreen Bottom

30                         Assembly Drawing Bottom

Thursday, June 28, 2012



Break Down of the above filename:             XXXXX= Job Name    :         5 Digits
                                                       A          = Revision         : 1 Digit
                                                       TS         = Top Silk         : (See Suffix)
                                                       .PHO    = Photoplot       : (See Gerber Files)

PADS Database            Description                                                                            

_________A.PCB                               PADS Database (Binary File)

Netcheck Files               Description                                                                            

_________A1.ECO                            PADS Format Engineering Changes created by NetCheck Tools (ASCII File)

_________A.RPT                               Detailed Report illustrating the differences between OrCAD & PADS Netlists

Assembly Data              Description                                                                            

_________A.ASC                               PADS Format ASCII File of full database created by File/Export/ASCII

_________AXYE.ASC                      PADS Part Placement Coordinate List created by File/Export/ASCII, English

_________AXYM.ASC                     PADS Part Placement Coordinate List created by File/Export/ASCII, Metric

README_ASSY.TXT                       Naming Convention Explanation File for Manufacturer           

PADS Reports               Description                                                                            

_________ANET.TXT                      PADS Netlist created by File/Report/PowerPCB Format   
                                                             Netlist, Includes Part List

_________ANETX.TXT                   PADS Format Netlist created by File/Report/Netlist w/o pin 
                                                             info, No Part List

_________ABOM.TXT                     PADS Format Part List created by File/Report/Part List 2

_________ANON.TXT                      PADS Format Unconnected Pins Report created by 
                                                              File/Report/Unconnected Pins

_________ASTA.TXT                       PADS Format Statistics report created by 

_________A.TST                               PADS Format Test Point Report created by 
                                                              File/Report/DFT Test Point Audit

_________ACAM.NET                     CAM356A Format Netlist


Gerber Files                   Description                                                                            

_________A.REP                               PADS Gerber Aperture Report (ASCII File)

_________AL1.PHO                         PADS Gerber Data for LAYER 1 (Top Side) (ASCII File)
  *Note: There is a .PHO file for every layer of the PCB design. IE: L1, L2, L3, L4 = a four layer board.

_________AST.PHO                         PADS Gerber Data for SILKSCREEN (Top Side) 
                                                              (ASCII File)

_________ASB.PHO                         PADS Gerber Data for SILKSCREEN (Bottom Side) 
                                                               (ASCII File)

_________AMT.PHO                        PADS Gerber Data for SOLDER MASK (Top Side) 
                                                              (ASCII File)

_________AMB.PHO                       PADS Gerber Data for SOLDER MASK (Bottom Side)  
                                                              (ASCII File)

_________APT.PHO                         PADS Gerber Data for PASTE MASK (Top Side) 
                                                              (ASCII File)

_________APB.PHO                         PADS Gerber Data for PASTE MASK (Bottom Side)                   
                                                              (ASCII File)

_________ADD.PHO                        PADS Gerber Data for DRILL DRAWING (ASCII File)

README_FAB.TXT                          Naming Convention explanation file for manufacturer

Drill Data                      Description                                                                            

_________ANC.DRL                        Numeric Control Drill Report in Exlon Format

_________ANC.LST                         Numeric Control Drill Report in True-Drill Format

_________ANC.REP                         Numeric Control Drill Size and Quantity Report

PADS CAM File           Description                                                                            

_________A.CAM                             PADS Format Post Processing File (ASCII File)

Autoroute Files             Description                                                                            

_________A.DO                               CCT Autorouter Command File (ASCII File)

_________A.STS                             CCT Autorouter Statistics Report (ASCII File)

_________A.NON                            CCT Autorouter Unconnected Pins Report

_________A.WIR                              CCT Autorouter Wires file with Unmitered Traces

_________A.RTE                             CCT Autorouter Wires file with Mitered Traces

_________A.ATO                             CCT Autorouter AutoSave File. Backup file saved after 
                                                             every route interation

_________A.DSN                              CCT Autorouter Temp File created during the translation 
                                                              from PADS to CCT

_________A.DID                               CCT Autorouter Report on what the router did

_________A.SPI                                 CCT Autorouter temporary translation file

_________A_SP.PCB                        CCT Autorouter PADS output file name

PADS HPGL File                   Description                                                                            

_________ADD.PE1                          Pen Plot of Drill Drawing 
                                                               (HPGL = Hewlett Packard Graphic Language)

_________AAT.PE1                          Pen Plot of Top Assembly Drawing (HPGL Data)

_________AAB.PE1                          Pen Plot of Bottom Assembly Drawing (HPGL Data)

AutoCAD Files              Description                                                                            

_________ADD.DXF                         Drill Drawing produced by translating a .PE1 file using 
                                                               HP2DXF software

_________AAT.DXF                         Top Assembly Drawing produced by translating a .PE1 
                                                               file using HP2DXF

_________AAB.DXF                         Bottom Assembly Drawing produced by translating a .PE1 
                                                               file using HP2DXF

DD.DWG                                               Temporary Drill Template to be inserted into an 
                                                               ANSI “B-Size” Format Drawing

AT.DWG                                               Temporary Top Assembly to be inserted into an 
                                                               ANSI “B-Size” Format Drawing

AB.DWG                                               Temporary Bottom Assembly to be inserted into an 
                                                               ANSI “B-Size” Format Dwg.

_________AD1.DWG                        Drill Drawing Page 1 Contains Fabrication Notes, 
                                                               Lay-up Detail & Drill Chart

_________AD2.DWG                        Drill Drawing Page 2 Contains the Dimensioned Board 
                                                               Outline and Drill Symbols

_________AAT.DWG                       Top Assembly Drawing on ANSI “B-Size” Sheet 1 Format

_________AAB.DWG                       Bottom Assembly Drawing on ANSI “B-Size” 
                                                              Sheet 2 Format

_________AD1.PLT                          Drill Drawing Page 1 HPGL Data 
                                                              (HPGL = Hewlett Packard Graphic Language)

_________AD2.PLT                          Drill Drawing Page 2 HPGL Data 
                                                               (D1 & D2 go with the Fabrication Data)

_________AD1.PDF                          Drill Drawing Page 1 PDF Data (ADOBE Acrobat File)

_________AD2.PDF                          Drill Drawing Page 2 PDF Data (ADOBE Acrobat File)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A            Assembly
AR         Amplifier
AT         Attenuator; Isolator
B            Blower
BR         Bridge Rectifier
BT         Battery
C            Capacitor
CB         Circuit Breaker
CN         Capacitor Network
CP         Coupler
CR         Diode or Silicon Rectifier
D            Diode; Thyristor; Varacter
DC         Directional Coupler
DP         Duplexer
DL         Delay Line
DS         Digital Display; LED Lamp
E            Miscellaneous Electrical Part
F            Fuse
FB          Ferrite
FD         Fiducial
FL          Filter
G           Generator
HW        Hardware
HY         Circulator
I or ICT In Circuit Test Point
J            Jack Connector
JP          Configuration Jumper

K           Relay
L            Coil; Inductor
LS          Loud Speaker/Buzzer
M           Motor
MG        Motor-Generator
MH        Mounting Hole
MK        Microphone
MP         Mechanical Part
P            Plug Type Connector
PS          Power Supply
Q           Transistor
R            Resistor
RN         Resistor Network
RT         Thermistor
S            Switch
T            Transformer
TB         Terminal Block
TC         Thermocouple
TP          Test Point
U            Tuner
U            Integrated Circuit
V            Electron Tube
VR         Voltage Regulator
W           Cable Transmission
X            Sub-circuit
Y            Crystal or Oscillator
Z            Ref Des Suppressed

Sunday, June 24, 2012

PADS Software Reference Designator Rename List

1.       Engineer should specify at the beginning of the design, if the reference designators are to be renamed.

2.      Engineer should specify the direction of the rename.

         Examples:  Top to Bottom, Right to Left
                             Left to Right, Top to Bottom

3.      Engineer should specify any Reference Designators that are not to be renamed.

4.      If the engineer is extremely concerned about the flow of the renaming process, 
         a WAS/IS List should be manually generated by the creation of an ASCII text file.


                                                U12 U1
                                                U5 U2
                                                U1 U3
                                                C9 C1
                                                C6 C2

                   *PADS-ECO*  should be located in the 1st line of the ASCII text file.

                   *RENPART*  should be located on the 2nd line.

*END*  should be at the end of the file.

Friday, June 22, 2012

PADS Software Netlist Defaults

NOTE: To prevent a designer from editing engineering netlists, please obey the following rules:

1.         Reference Designator Names have a 15 character limit.

2.         Pin Names have a 7 character limit.

3.         Netnames have a 57 character limit.

4.         Illegal characters are *  <  >  ?  :  .  ,  
            Lower case characters are not allowed.  
            Avoid \ / because Unix systems do not accept these characters.

5.         Please use the abbreviation rather than the full name i.e.: use K, not CATHODE
            Use A, not ANODE.  

            All new library decals with special alpha pin numbers (IE: NO & NC for switches) must be clearly noted on the data sheet that will be used to create the library decal.
2 & 3 pin devices with alphabetical Pin Names are as follows:

            DIODES                              CATHODE = C
                                                         ANODE = A

            TRANSISTORS                  BASE = B
                                                         EMITTER = E
                                                         COLLECTOR = C

            POWER FETS                     SOURCE = S
                                                         GATE = G
                                                         DRAIN = D

            POTENTIOMETERS          CW = 1
                                                         WIPER = 2
                                                         CCW = 3

            CAPACITORS  &               POSITIVE = 1
            BATTERIES                       NEGATIVE = 2

6.         PADS format netlist is preferred.

7.         Netlist header should be:        !PADS-POWERPCB- V4.0-MILS!

8.         Netlist footer should be:         *END*

9.         SAMPLE NETLIST:              !PADS-POWERPCB- V4.0-MILS!
                                                            *SIG N00001
                                                            U1.1   C1.1   R1.1
                                                            *SIG N00002
                                                            U1.2    R1.2
                                                            *SIG GND
                                                            U1.7   C1.2   U2.7   C2.2
                                                            *SIG VCC
                                                            U1.14   U2.14   C2.1

10.       File name suffix must be .ASC if you are using PowerPCB.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PADS Software Decal List Defaults

NOTE: To prevent a designer from editing engineering decal lists, obey the following:

1.       Reference Designator Names have a 15 character limit.

2.       Decal Names have a 40 character limit.

3.       Illegal characters for decal names are  *  <  >  ?  :  .  ,  
          Avoid \ / because Unix systems do not accept these characters.

4.       Lower case characters are allowed but pads will convert them to upper case.

5.       Decal list must be in PADS format.  TANGO format Decal List is not acceptable.

6.       Decal list header should be:    

7.       Netlist footer should be:         

8.       SAMPLE DECAL LIST:                   
                                                          U1 SO14
                                                          U2 PLCC-52
                                                          U4 DIP16
                                                          C1 CC1206
                                                          Y1 XTAL14

9.       File name suffix default is .ASC in PowerPCB, but .net is acceptable.

10.     If a decal is not in the library put “SEE DATA SHEET” in place of the decal name.  
          Be sure to put the reference designator on the component data sheet, especially if there
          is more than one Library part to build.

11.     If a new decal has alphabetical pin numbers, be sure that the data sheet clearly 
          defines the pin numbering assignments.    
          Example: Transistors with Base, Emitter and Collector.

12.    If the Decal List & the Netlist are in the same ASCII file, break them into 2 files. 
         Always ASCII IN the Decal List first, and trouble shoot and fix the errors. 
         Then ASCII IN the Netlist.

13.   BGA row and column count limit was 45 x 45 pins in Version 3.0.