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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PADS Software Decal List Defaults

NOTE: To prevent a designer from editing engineering decal lists, obey the following:

1.       Reference Designator Names have a 15 character limit.

2.       Decal Names have a 40 character limit.

3.       Illegal characters for decal names are  *  <  >  ?  :  .  ,  
          Avoid \ / because Unix systems do not accept these characters.

4.       Lower case characters are allowed but pads will convert them to upper case.

5.       Decal list must be in PADS format.  TANGO format Decal List is not acceptable.

6.       Decal list header should be:    

7.       Netlist footer should be:         

8.       SAMPLE DECAL LIST:                   
                                                          U1 SO14
                                                          U2 PLCC-52
                                                          U4 DIP16
                                                          C1 CC1206
                                                          Y1 XTAL14

9.       File name suffix default is .ASC in PowerPCB, but .net is acceptable.

10.     If a decal is not in the library put “SEE DATA SHEET” in place of the decal name.  
          Be sure to put the reference designator on the component data sheet, especially if there
          is more than one Library part to build.

11.     If a new decal has alphabetical pin numbers, be sure that the data sheet clearly 
          defines the pin numbering assignments.    
          Example: Transistors with Base, Emitter and Collector.

12.    If the Decal List & the Netlist are in the same ASCII file, break them into 2 files. 
         Always ASCII IN the Decal List first, and trouble shoot and fix the errors. 
         Then ASCII IN the Netlist.

13.   BGA row and column count limit was 45 x 45 pins in Version 3.0.

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